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The Best Ever Selfie For a Cat With Attacking to their owner


there’s always a white boy in every class that just talks and talks and talks like timothy stop just write it down!! make a mental note!!! wait till after class and tell ya friends on reddit!!

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reminder that i took this with an iphone fml 

omfg how. it looks like it was taken with a canon or nikon

photoshop and good lighting does marvelous things 
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y2kgay: are you 12? is this what happens when children are allowed access to the internet to repeat quotes taken out of context?


are you fucking with me? quotes that are taken out of context? okay then little miss frankie stan, tell me how A THIRTY ONE YEAR OLD MAN telling two guys to a get a girl drunk and take both of her virginities at the same time (which another one added “there will be blood everywhere”) isn’t rape. in case your stupid ass doesn’t know, you cannot give consent when you are drunk. PERIOD. if you use your two brain cells you’d know that is a thing called RAPE. has your pathetic ass heard of date rape? roofies? think about it, there’s a reason it’s called rape. so how about YOU, the most likely twelve year old here, stop defending that piece of shit because by defending him, you’re defending rape culture and it’s not worth all the ridiculous amount of embarrassment just because he’s related to your idol. 

Love, lyssa

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